Technical Event Services

Technical Event Services

EMS is experienced in technical event services across The Arts, Corporate, Sports and Motorsports, with contacts and relationships at the highest levels.  we are happy to lead a crew, or meet your clients with you at boardroom and director level.

Our understanding of technical event services, production, site design and management, and how an event structure and team work comes from over 30 years’ experience in the field ranging from designing tour logistics and production through relocating and

technical event services

The Racing Gentleman

running music festivals sites and designing and delivering corporate event projects.

We work in an individual freelancer role to put a full production or event team together, or to take a role within your team working on the operational side of how your vision communicates and rolls out in a concert, tour, corporate event or conference.

Maintaining a clear vision of your aims and objectives and delivering a creative project in a professional and cost efficient way is all important.

 Technical Production Services

technical event services

Festival Mainstage

Originally in lighting design & touring, experience has taken us through sound and lighting operations, running a rental house, engaging AV systems, staging systems, stage crews and logistics.

We’ve worked internationally and have regularly held responsibility for production and technical event services work on events in excess of 20,000 in one venue and in multiple venue internal and greenfield events and festivals with attendance of up to 70,000.

 Event Site Management

With larger events across multiple venues; open air or greenfield sites,  We have a strong background in delivering full event site management incorporating site planning; technical event management; temporary venues; temporary water supplies; trackways; fencing; temporary power; sanitation; communications; full production and stage services; temporary emergency services, staffing, volunteer management; health & safety management; temporary offices; event liaison teams, management coordination and other special project areas.

 Volunteers, Crews and Operations

Managing staff, whether professional, volunteers or crews is one of the most important aspects of any event.

technical event services

Festival Pit

Your guests and delegates will interact with your staff as a first point of contact, when they need help and guidance and if they experience problems or distress.  Keeping your guests well informed, well looked after and safe is key to the event and to your repeat business.

I have worked extensively with festival volunteer and professional teams to get the best possible out of a team whether the job is straight forward or highly demanding.

We’d like to have the opportunity of discussing of working with you sometime soon, the contact details are at the top of the page, so please feel free to e mail or call anytime.

Pete Allison,  Director, Event & Management Services Ltd