Promoting Cheltenham in Art

Promoting Cheltenham in art

Cheltenham is the setting for our first Promoting in art Project.

The project went live 16th – 21st December 2013 and will involve projecting fine art images on the Iconic Eagle Tower on the A46 Bath road heading south out of the town centre.

Our artist partner, Wendy Thompson, has created around thirty original paintings and drawings that represent some of the most striking buildings and scenes in the town, creating a memorable portrait of the town in art

We have some specifically commissioned pieces in the collection that are significant to the history of the town and its development in recent decades

We are using the two southern faces of the tower (Eagle tower comprises six faces in total) and projection technology that was seen in use at the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2012.   The Projections started each evening as the light faded at 6:00pm, then as it gets dark and as the lights inside the tower are extinguished as workers go home; the art became clearer and displayed to its best.

Supporting businesses involved in the project had brand images beside the art.

As well as the projected art, we had an exhibition of the art at Eagle Tower between 12th and 23rd December, with private viewings and special VIP events during the period. To find out more about the project go to

Wendy Thompson – Artist

Natural Artlines LogoWendy is a quintessential English artist; she continually inspires others by her originality, creativity and quality. Passion, energy and her love of art appeals to every human emotion.

Vist Wendy’s websiteto find out more about her work:


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