Low Carbon

Low Carbon Event Production

“A responsible event industry built on the three ‘E’s – Energy, Environment and Entertainment”

Like any other busineSolar Panels for Low Carbon event Lightingss, the event industry and event communications have a responsibility to drive down carbon and energy use, to behave responsibly and to deliver better, more efficient products.

In the context of the modern business environment, being aware of carbon and energy use, and striving to reduce it within all operations associated with the event, its suppliers and customers is a fundamental part of best practice.  Increasingly, it is also a way of reducing operating costs at the same time.

Unlike most other industries, much of the event industry relies on temporary infrastructure with demanding supply and logistics requirements and short term contracts, making it difficult to commit to contracts and deals that will improve low carbon and energy use.

We don’t believe that providing temporary infrastructure on a low carbon basis should be an opportunity to charge an excess premium, but rather that it should always be integrated into the design and thinking about how the product comes together.

“The Human appetite for resources keeps growing; we need to chart a new, more sustainable course for the future”

There are many ways to address this,  whether in the hardware and services you useRecycling bins for Low Carbon Events, the efficiency of communications and people, the facilities and venues you choose or the geographical map of the carbon footprint.

Delivering the right business product, efficiently, profitably and in a low carbon context are critical to a sustainable business model in every sense.

The E&MS Team were involved in deploying some of the earliest waste recycling operators in the event industry.  We have been close to suppliers developing LED event lighting, solar / battery  / wind event power supply sources and we have one supplier currently developing a generator that using combined solar and wind supplies combined with advanced battery technology will soon be able to deliver a steady 32a power source 24/7 based purely on renewable energy sources.