Ullenwood Manor

natstar_logo 2Ullenwood Manor, The Home of the National Star College.


Ullenwood Manor

Ullenwood Manor

Ullenwood Manor  Star Bistro

Ullenwood Manor Star Bistro

Sports Hall:  the sports hall can accommodate basketball, badminton, five a side football, ten pin bowling, skittles and curling target.  The hall has modern changing rooms and lockers.

Sports Pitch:  in the heart of the site and laid with sports turf, the pitch is marked for football

Golf Course: There is a 9 hole golf course on the Ullenwood Manor site.

Ullenwood Manor  Swimming Pool

Ullenwood Manor Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool: A well maintained warm water indoor swimming pool 16m x 10m and 0.9m at the shallow end to 1.4m at the deep end.  The pool is a superb facility with modern changing rooms.

As you would expect in this venue, there are extensive facilities for the disabled

Ullenwood Manor  Theatre

Ullenwood Manor Theatre

The Theatre:  Ullenwood Manor has a well-equipped, state of the art theatre. It has a proscenium stage, seating for 170 and full sound and lighting.

Event Fields:  Ullenwood manor has extensive land in a triangle formed by the B400 and the A345. The event field is approximately 23 hectares and has a number of natural features that will lend themselves to event work and the venue would welcome discussion around sympathetic us of the land.

Residential:  The college has a number of bedrooms and suites that are available out of term time to allow the venue to be used for residential conferences and events.  The accommodation is flexible and by the nature of the college is extremely user friendly for disabled clients.

For a further discussion about using Ullenwood Manor, please contact the E&MS office on 01242 245444 or email events@eandms.com