Event Sites and Venues


Event Sites and Venues

E&MS is pleased to represent and manage event operations for a number of event sites and venues. 

In many cases, these event sites and venues are not in common us as mainstream event venues as their core business lies in other areas.  As a result,  you won’t find them advertised elsewhere and the owners are flexible and want to identify and recruit the “right clients”.  They represent unique and very special opportunities and for the most part will not have similar and competing events. 

Our role is to introduce promoters and clients who we think will be a good fit for the venue in every respect.  If you would like to know more or discuss using any of them, then please contact the E&MS office for a further discussion.

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Ullenwood Manor - The home of The National Star College, Gloucestershire

Ullenwood Manor presents a huge selection of services and facilities from a bistro serving delicious food, to arts and crafts to golf and swimming.

Event Sites and Venues Ullenwood Manor

Ullenwood Manor

It was designed and built c.1850 as a private residence. The manor building retains most of its original features, which enhance the charm of the conference venue. There are five main meeting rooms, which can accommodate a varying number of delegates from 6 up to 100 meaning there is always something suitable for your needs.

Outside term time, the college is available for residential events and conferences.  The land and outdoor event field total roughly 35 hectares,  of which approximately 23 hectares are open fields that might be considered for a large event site for the “right” application.

Combining the use of facilities, buildings, accommodation and land presents a very flexible and exciting event venue.  Click here for more details

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Event Sites and Venues Home Farm Equestrian Centre

Inside the 61.5 x 20m Equestrian Centre facility

Home Farm Equestrian Centre:  2 miles from the centre of Cheltenham, Home Farm is an equestrian centre hosting a range of equestrian events and activities. The owners are open to alternative uses for the site and would welcome creative and innovative ideas for high quality events.

The site comprises 28 acres of open field and a well-appointed equestrian centre building 61.5m x 20m x 7m with excellent access and facilities.

The Centre can be adapted for performance, conference, launches or private events and the field can be used for a range of events or camping to support an event on site.  Click here for more details

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Event Sites and Venues Warren farm

Warren farm, Wiltshire

Warren Farm:  Set in beautiful Wiltshire countryside, just 3.5 miles from the edge of Swindon and 2.5 miles from the M4, Warren farm presents a Green Field site with an existing premises license for 4999.

The site is a working arable farm and has a very open and flexible approach to how the event site can be used.  It suits corporate events, private parties based in temporary venues, and small, family orientated music or arts festival work.