Case Studies

Some Case Studies on creative event projects that we have been involved with:

Promoting Cheltenham in Art:

Promoting Cheltenham in artThe week before Christmas 2013 saw the team involved in a project creating a collaboration between business and the arts to promote Cheltenham as a great location to operate and do business.

The project projected Iconic images of Cheltenham in fine art on the side of Eagle Tower – Cheltenham’s 161 foot high sky scraper with supporting brand images from 30 companies who collaborated to make the project happen.

In the process, the project built a significant story for business to use in its own business development around engagement in the arts and promoting Cheltenham collaboratively with other businesses.

The project also created funding and opportunities for the arts to grow and develop with integrity, Promoting Cheltenham in artsupporting business in its objectives and values.

Click here for our video of the project

Click here to see ITV News coverage of the project.

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Case Studies - Sustainable Motoexpo 2012

Oxford Brookes Universtity Formula Student team at The Sustainable MotoExpo 2012

Sustainable MotoExpo 2012: 

September 2012 saw the first Sustainable MotoExpo.  Hosted on the Promenade in Cheltenham and with Dr Vince Cable, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills as key note speaker, the event paves the way for a developmental motorsports race series based around electric and Low carbon power chains.

The event focuses on education, engineering and cutting edge developments in automotive and motorsports.  E&MS has worked since 2008 to develop and roll out the project, the project team and all operations and production involved.

The Project develops further in 2013 at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow to other venues in the UK and beyond in the coming years.

Click here to see a segment broadcast on Sky Sports about The Sustainable MotoExpo 2012

Click here to see a gallery of images from The Sustainable MotoExpo 2012

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Case Studies - Centaur Cheltenham Racecourse

The Centaur Multipurpose venue at Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham Racecourse venue design: 

When The Centaur, Cheltenham Racecourses’ 5,000 capacity multipurpose venue needed to be fitted out,  the E&MS team were asked to project manage the design, procurement and fit of rigging, mother grids, production grids, sound, stage lighting, stage structure, drapes, communications and technical operations team.  The venue is now one of the region’s leading centres for conferences and events.

The team then ran all technical operations in the venue for a year, training the in house team and continued to run operations for race meetings for a further two years.

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Case Studies - Morgan Gala Dinner

Morgan’s Gala Dinner in Centaur

The Morgan Motor Company: 

For Morgan’s centenary celebrations, we took over Cheltenham Racecourse with a gala dinner for 1000 including a vehicle reveal, classic Morgan cars flown from the roof of The Centaur building, a comprehensive dining menu, A guest after dinner speaker and dancing to a live show band.

Case Studies - Morgan Festival Stage

Morgan’s Festival Proms  live show

Full production support with speeches from around the venue projected on big screens.

Outside on site we provided a festival stage for two days with tribute acts on day one and the English National Orchestra’s Proms on night two.  With 5,000 guests on site and a full Morgan and motorsport village. The event was rounded off with a giant birthday cake and a spectacular fireworks show.

Click here to see a timelapse video of operations around Morgan’s Centernary

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Case Studies - Greenbelt mainstage

Greenbelt Mainstage

Greenbelt Festival: 

When repeated years of bad weather brought Greenbelt Arts Festival to the conclusion it had to move to a site with better infrastructure, we were asked to broker a relationship with Cheltenham Racecourse to host the event, one of the oldest music and arts festivals in the UK having been established in 1973.

 We designed and delivered all professional services for the new site and then ran site contract, production and operations for the following decade and more, being a core part of the delivery team which oversaw the growth of the festival from 4,000 in 1999 to in excess of 20,000 today.

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Case Studies - Wychwood Festival

Wychwood Festival Mainstage

Wychwood Festival: 

In 2003 when the idea of a new world music festival was floated, The E&MS team was brought on board to plan and deliver the site design, operations, technical production, professional services and site management.

Following two years of planning, the first Wychwood Festival was delivered on Cheltenham Racecourse in 2005 and has been steadily growing since.  In 2012, Wychwood in Cheltenham was licensed to Tribe Festivals to run and develop further, while Wychwood Festivals Ltd explores opportunities to develop the festival in other territories nationally and internationally.

E&MS remains involved in the Parent, Wychwood Festivals Ltd, and will be exploring the further development of the company in coming years.

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Case Studies - Scarborough Open Air Theatre

Elton John opens the 2011 seasoon at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre

 Scarborough Open Air Theatre:

Following a difficult 2010 opening season, E&MS was engaged as a part of the 2011 event season team to deliver site production and operations for Scarborough Open Air Theatre, the largest open air theatre in Europe.

Following inspection and Build of the event stage on site, the season opened with Sir Elton John in concert, for which the venue capacity was developed from 6,500 to 8,000 by building a temporary platform over the lake in front of stage.  A capacity audience enjoyed the show immensely and it was followed by a further 11 live nights in the venue through the summer to the season close in September.

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