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EMS Morgan CentenaryAbout EMS

EMS is owned and run by Pete Allison. Working as a touring lighting designer in the 1980’s, Pete formed E&MS in 1997 to deliver technical production in sound, lighting and other stage disciplines; as well as site management and event development work across arts, corporate, sports and motorsports.

Pete operates as a freelance production and event manager and also consults on strategic aspects of developing and communicating brand values through events. There is no substitute for strong planning which is engaged at an early stage.  We bring value in our experience to how an event is designed, planned and then delivered and we welcome engagement at an early stage in any project to help ensure that the final product is efficient, effective and achieves its objectives for you.

EMS presents Pete as an individual, or a team of experienced production and event staff brought together on a project by project basis delivering the best and most cost efficient solution for a client. 

Significant recent clients have included:EMS Chelsea Corporate Dinner

The Morgan Motor Company Ltd, Cheltenham Racecourse, Scarborough Open Air Theatre, Apollo Leisure & Resorts Ltd., Eco-Motorsports Ltd, The Sustainable MotoExpo, Wychwood Festivals Ltd, Tribe Festivals Ltd., Cheltenham Motorsports Ltd, Sugar Hill productions Ltd and many more.

We work behind the scenes with a number of companies engaged with presenting significant brands from a number of industries including automotive, energy, low carbon and business communications sectors.  We have involvement in some of the most exciting and innovative brand communications and brand exposure projects about.  We can transfer and introduce some of those opportunities to you.

We would be delighted to work with you, projects always start with the simplest of discussions and flourish from there, if you’d like to know more about EMS then please call without any obligations or e mail events@eandms.com